Nordic Open Paramotor Endurance Race 2014

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Nordic Open Paramotor Endurance Race 2014

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Nordic Open Paramotor Endurance Race 2014
June 12th – 15th, 2014, Saaremaa, Estonia
Location map:" onclick=";return false;
Organiser: EPPA

We have been working on this new and exciting competition format for 5 years now and most probably this time it will be ready for presentation to CIMA as a new World and European Championships format for 2015.

Now that the Slalom format is established, this navigation type of event would nicely fill the gap for navigation flying enthusiasts, bored by exhausting eco tasks’ and scoring disputes, fuelling procedures, equipment restrictions and overall bureaucracy.

Some of the most significant and innovative elements in this type of competition format are as follows:

• Huge competition area of Saaremaa Island (almost 3000 km2) dedicated for the event with minimal restrictions and only few no fly zones.
• A lot of flying in 3-4 competition and training days.
• Strong focus on personal weather planning, airborne decisions and practical paramotoring skills.
• Freedom of choices for equipment, accessories and electronics.
• Free choice of task timing of 8 hours per day and rest within the time window of 15 hours a day.
• Besides basic turnpoint hunt, different navigation elements and variety of interesting bonus tasks like snake, round, oval, eclipse navigation, combined with pre-set timed navigations, area triangles and other interesting navigation elements to emphasize skills rather than plain speed and power.
• Bonuses for integrated speed, economy and precision elements.
• Minimum of penalties, backtracking allowed.
• No disqualification for outlandings but instead bonuses for landings and takeoffs at dedicated turnpoints.
• Free and unlimited choice of equipment while competing, without any technical restrictions (in the limits of class definition).
• Unlimited number and places of pit-stops by pilot’s choice with free amount of fuel to be used.
• Unlimited use of modern technology, electronics, tablets and communication devices.
• Any assistance and chase teams allowed.
• Extra bonuses for surprise elements.

This event has proven to be highly addictive and you should be there, especially if you keep in mind possibility of the 1-st World Paramotor Endurance Championships on the same location in June 2015

More info will appear in" onclick=";return false; soon and any questions will be answered either from or from my email ... g-2014#/1/" onclick=";return false;

Life is an adventure!

Paap Kõlar


Ruslikas gali varyt-jis tinkamas :-D

p.s. aš tokioms dar nepasiruošęs...

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