2009 British National Paramotor Championships

For pilots and colleagues from abroad
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2009 British National Paramotor Championships

Standartinė Aloyzas Liaukus » 20 Vas 2009, 08:45

From: ric_shaw55@hotmail.com
To: radau@hotmail.co.uk
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 15:43:20 +0000

My name is Richard Shaw, secretary to the National Paramotor Competition.
I met Ramos at last years comp and at your stand at this years NEC aviation event.
I am emailing to ask if you would be interested in having a trade stand at this years
comp in June. Hopefully Lithuanian pilots will be attending the comp again this year.
Do you have a land line number that I can contact you on to give you more details.
Following is an announcement about the comp from our chairman Andy Philips.


The PPG Competitions Committee is pleased to announce that the 2009 British National Paramotor Championships will be held at Kerswell Green in Worcestershire from Saturday 20 June - Tuesday 23 June, with registration on Friday 19 June. The event will start with the mandatory briefing at 21.00 on the Friday evening and the tasks will conclude at 12 noon on Tuesday 23 June with results and presentations following.

Our hosts are Extreme KiteShop of Worcester who use this extensive turf farm site for kite-buggy and board training. In full view of the Malvern Hills, the site is situated close to the River Severn with Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire all within easy reach.

The site itself comprises more than 400 acres of flat, open, short-cut grass fields, giving us plenty of space for precision tasks. See photos in "2009 Nationals" folder under Photos and Site Layout in "2009 Nationals" under Files.

As usual, we'd ask you not to fly the area any more than you normally would in advance of the event, mainly because we don't want to upset the locals before we get there, but also in the interest of "fairness". All pilots are able to familiarise themselves with the area by exploring it with Google Earth. The farm buildings which mark the north-westerly boundary of the site are at SO852471.

Following the theme of previous years, the competition will be Safe, Fun, Simple & Fair. We aim to maintain a similar format to the 2008 event with families and visitors very welcome.

Hopefully the word should be getting out that this is NOT an elitist event and new pilots are made very welcome (subject to minimum hours). As we did last year, we'll buddy newcomers to the Championships with pilots who've attended a few comps before to help make it a really enjoyable experience.

We're also actively inviting overseas pilots and are expecting a good turnout from France and Ireland and Lithuania.
Bearing in mind that this is the primary selection event for the British Team, I'll be running some tasks that will include an added layer of complexity for those who want it, but still allow those who don't, to fully take part. We did this successfully last year and pilots agreed that there was no undue pressure and everyone still felt suitably challenged.
There'll be camping onsite with food facilities, toilets and showers. For those thinking of bringing the family, we're within an hour's drive of Warwick Castle, the heart of the Cotswolds, two of the newest and best shopping centres in the country (the Bullring in Birmingham and Cabot Circus in Bristol) and Hereford Cathedral with the Mappa Mundi to name but a few. The Three Counties show takes place the same weekend about ten miles drive away.
Less than five months away, this is a great event to look forward to. Whether you're competing, meeting up with old friends or coming to find out more about our great sport, we look forward to seeing you there and will post details of how to register and of the Competition website as soon as it's up and running.
Andy Phillips
UK PPG Competitions Committee
Competition Director

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Standartinė Minde ppg » 30 Kov 2009, 19:43

Bet kaip graziai jie raso...

We're also actively inviting overseas pilots and are expecting a good turnout from France, Ireland and Lithuania.

Kaip noriu, bet negaliu.. :(

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Standartinė Minde ppg » 06 Geg 2009, 20:25

Aivarai, manes jau Markas klausineja ar atvaziuosim. Jie labai laukia :cry:

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Standartinė Mindaugas » 07 Geg 2009, 04:31

Vaziuokit vaziuokit - savo drauga Londone aplankysite :lol:

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